Fisher on the Dem Bounce

In his latest Forbes column, Kenneth Fisher offers one interesting reason why he thinks stocks are a good bet to end the year in positive territory. According to Fisher, since 1926, the market has posted double-digit gains in the first year of a new Democratic president’s tenure five out of six times. Conversely, the market has been negative in the first year of a Republican president’s tenure five of six times. It may sound like… Read More

Rodriguez Bullish on Energy Stocks — Not So Bullish on Economy

Bob Rodriguez of First Pacific Advisors sees continued tough times for the economy, but that doesn’t mean he’s staying on the sidelines. In an interview with Morningstar, Rodriguez discusses his firm’s big recent push into energy stocks. A number of factors — very low valuations, the fact that the world is consuming three times as much oil as it is finding, and the huge amounts of cash energy firms were able to generate in the… Read More

Sonders Envisions the Recovery, Warns about Emotional Investing

In the latest installment of Forbes’ Intelligent Investing, Charles Schwab Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders talks about the state of the credit markets and economy, the impact of emotion on investors, and the futility of trying to pick the tops and bottoms of markets. “I do think what we’re going to see, and we may be starting to see it right now, is that production pop,” Sonders said of the economy. “That coiled spring,… Read More

Small-Cap Value to Lead During Recovery? A Few To Watch

While it is of course no guarantee, a number of top economists and strategists are now predicting that the U.S. will begin to see economic growth in the latter part of this year. That begs the question: Which types of stocks perform better coming out of recessions? In a new research report, Russell Investments examines that issue and finds that, if history is a guide, you can expect small-cap value stocks to lead the way… Read More

Kass Sees Big Opportunities in Big Banks, “Bumpy Road” for Broader Market

Back in March, we highlighted the bottom call and bullish turn made by columnist, money manager, and longtime bear Doug Kass. Today, Kass tells Yahoo! TechTicker that he thinks many big bank stocks could double or triple over the next few years, though he expects a bumpy road ahead for the broader market. The key for banks, Kass says, is that the spread on the interest rates at which they lend out money and… Read More

“Snowball” Author: Buffett’s Optimistic — But Not That Optimistic

Warren Buffett has made a number of headlines in recent months for his optimistic take on the U.S. stock market and economy. But Alice Schroeder, author of The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life and a senior adviser to Morgan Stanley, says that while Buffett is indeed bullish, he’s not as bullish as those headlines may seem. “I believe Buffett’s optimism about the country is genuine,” Schroeder writes today on “It’s a… Read More

Newsletter with Best 3-Decade Track Record Goes All-In

The top-performing market-timing newsletter of the past three decades has turned “aggressively bullish”, Mark Hulbert writes on The Chartist, edited by Dan Sullivan, has the best track record of any of the market-timing letters Hulbert has followed since his Hulbert Financial Digest began tracking newsletter performance nearly 30 years ago. “In a communication to subscribers Monday evening, Sullivan recommended that subscribers move from being only partially invested in equities to being fully invested,” Hulbert… Read More

Siegel “Virtually Sure” It Won’t Be Long Before Market Yields Rewards

Wharton professor and author Jeremy Siegel has stood by his “stocks for the long run” philosophy during the recent bear market. Yesterday on NPR radio, he went even further, saying that he is “virtually sure” that it won’t be a long time before stocks start rewarding investors. “Looking forward, for everything that I think, it’s certainly going to be much better for investors,” Siegel said. “I’m virtually sure that it’s not going to be a… Read More

Gabelli, Grantham, Gross & Others Weigh In

A number of top investment strategists offered their opinions about the market and the economy at the recent Morningstar Investor Conference in Chicago, including value fund star (and Benjamin Graham disciple) Mario Gabelli. Gabelli, whose ABC fund posted its first negative returns in 14 years last year — when it dropped just 2% — sees opportunities in the market for long-term investors. “Basically we are very simple: What will the stock market do over the… Read More

Bogle on Valuations, the Economy, and Where to Invest Now

In a recent interview with MarketWatch, John Bogle says he thinks the market “probably has it about right” in terms of current valuations, but adds that investors should expect slower growth than they’ve grown accustomed to when the economy does turn around. “I would guess the market probably has it about right,” Bogle said. “I would guess that we have seen the low for the year and maybe the low for this cycle. … I’m… Read More