A Look at How the Largest Market-Cap Companies Have Changed

A recent article in Visual Capitalist reflects on how the make-up of the world’s largest companies has changed over the past twenty years through a series of charts and explains, “as the broader market narrative changes, so goes the list of the world’s largest companies.” The charts, ordered by market capitalization of the 10 largest public companies in the world in the second quarter of each year (over five-year intervals) offers a “series of snapshots… Read More

Investing: A Historical Perspective

An article in CFA Institute provides a historical overview of the finance industry over the past century, assigning memes to different periods: “Diversify Thy Portfolio: 1924-1974”—The invention of the first open-ended mutual fund in 1924 “kickstarted the diversification era” followed thirty years later by Harry Markowitz’s book “Portfolio Selection” which the article refers to as the seminal text on diversification. “Control Thy Portfolio Expenses: 1975-1994”—This period was marked by the invention of the index fund… Read More