In Today’s Market, Dollar Cost Averaging a Better Play Than Lump-Sum Investing

Investors who may be sitting on cash due to nerves about high valuations, rising interest rates and market volatility might be missing out on huge gains, according to Bloomberg columnist Ben Carlson. Carlson outlines three options for putting cash to work in today’s market: Invest a lump sum and take what the market gives you. Wait for the market to fall further and invest at a better entry point. Dollar cost average into the market to… Read More

Shiller Says Bull Could Run for a While

When asked for his outlook on the market in a recent CNBC interview, Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller says investors should keep some stocks in their portfolio because the market “could go up 50 percent from here.” The economist, who helped develop the cyclically-adjusted price-to-earnings ratio (CAPE) market valuation measure, says that although the current CAPE (29) is above the 17-year historical average, he isn’t calling for a market decline. That said, he notes that diversification… Read More

There’s a Hole in the CAPE Ratio

When predicting future real returns of stock markets, the cyclically adjusted price/earnings ratio (CAPE) is a good place to start. The formula, first proposed by guru Benjamin Graham, is pretty simple: the current price of a stock market (or single stock) divided by the average earnings of the last 10 years (both adjusted for inflation). An article in this month’s “Enterprising Investor” speaks to how this calculation has recently come under scrutiny. Wharton professor Jeremy… Read More