Chuck Royce – 4 Decade Small Cap Manager Talks Value’s Ultimate Rebound and the Downside of Indexing

Chuck Royce, small cap stock picker and pioneer, recently sat down with Consuelo Mack of WealthTrack to discuss his thoughts on the recent slump of value vs. growth stocks as well as his firm’s process for sourcing new investment ideas. Royce, who has been in the investment management business since 1972, explains that small cap stocks can offer outsized long term returns, potentially with less volatility (assuming you are investing in value stocks) compared to… Read More

Royce on How Small Caps Can Generate Big Returns Without Big Volatility

In an interview with WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack, top fund manager Chuck Royce discusses why small-cap stocks provide an “evergreen universe” of opportunity. Royce talks about how to reduce volatility in a small-cap portfolio, and why he thinks higher-quality, dividend-oriented stocks are going to take leadership over higher-risk stocks, which have thus far led the bull market. Royce also says he thinks the broader market will return 6% to 9% per year, on average, this decade.

Royce Sticks with Small Caps

While many well-known value investors have been saying that large-cap stocks are due to outperform, top strategist Charles Royce of Royce & Associates says he’s sticking with small-cap plays. Royce talks with WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack about how he constructs his small-cap-focused portfolios to limit volatility while producing strong performance, and discusses why he thinks the small-cap sector is an “evergreen universe” of opportunities.  

Royce on Long-Term Possibilities, More Bank Closures, and Margin of Safety

Chuck Royce, chief investment officer of The Royce Funds, tells that he sees “tremendous” possibilities in the stock market over the next three to five years, and says that America will make it through the current financial crisis and have a “wonderful” future. “I think that we are a major — we can’t forget this — we’re a major world power,” Royce told Steve Forbes. “And although the dollar has definitely had its issues… Read More

Legg Mason Managers: Depression Unlikely, But Concerns Remain

Top managers from Legg Mason, including Chuck Royce, Hersh Cohen and Isaac Souede, think that stocks are priced for a depression but that a depression is unlikely (Souede thinks there is a 20% chance of a global depression). At Legg Mason’s year-end investment briefing, the managers said “the stock markets won’t rebound until the global credit crisis is fixed.” Royce, Legg’s ace small cap manager, “hopes to start seeing ‘signs of spring’ in the next… Read More