Insider Share Purchases are Few and Far Between

  In January, the number of corporate executives buying shares in their own firms was only 279, the lowest it has been since 1988, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. The number of sellers, on the other hand, has been above average, the article says. Investors use such information to gauge expectations from corporate insiders. “Sales,” the article says, “can show wariness about valuations, while purchases can signal confidence that more… Read More

Investing Principles Part III: Buying Stocks Where the Insiders Are Buying

In a continuation of our discussion around the Tweedy Browne publication What Has Worked In Investing we’re going to address the approach related to investing with the “inner circle” and buying stocks where insiders are buying as well. Results of several different studies were included, one of which was conducted in 1976 by Validea “Conservative Growth Investor” Martin Zweig. This guru believed that those who work for a company know it best and if several… Read More

Investing Principles: What Has Worked

For the next several weeks, our daily blogs will include information from a 1992 publication by the investment firm Tweedy, Browne Company LLC entitled What Has Worked in Investing: Studies of Investment Approaches and Characteristics Associated with Exceptional Returns. The booklet includes data from over fifty studies of share performance woven together with insights based on the firm’s five plus decades of industry experience as to which stock characteristics have provided the best returns over… Read More