Schwab Chief: Don’t Bypass Financials

While a good amount of fear is still hovering over the financial sector, Jeff Mortimer, chief investment officer at Charles Schwab Investment Management, says that investors would be wise to include a significant amount of financial stocks in their portfolios in 2010. “What I worry about [for] the individual investor is that they are underweight, perhaps, financials,” Mortimer tells CNBC. “A lot of taint has been put on that sector of the market, and I… Read More

Wien, Biggs, Leuthold, Sonders: Don’t Dismiss the Rally

While the stock market rebound has been met with great skepticism, several top strategists — including some not known for their bullishness — are beginning to think that the rally is indeed for real, reports Financial Advisor Magazine’s Evan Simonoff. “Normally sober, often vinegary sages ranging from Byron Wien to Barton Biggs to Steve Leuthold to Michael Price think that a market which stubbornly refuses to correct its deviant behavior by more than a few… Read More

Schwab Strategists: Rally Will Hold

Two top Charles Schwab strategists — Chief Investment Officer Jeff Mortimer and Portfolio Manager Paul Alan Davis — said today that the current rally is for real, and that long-term investors should be putting money into equities. Mortimer tells Yahoo! TechTicker that the March 9 low had fundamentals similar to those of the 1974 and 1982 bear market lows, and says he thinks the bulls will continue to run. For those who didn’t catch the… Read More

Mortimer on “The Most Dangerous Words in Investing”

Charles Schwab Investment Management’s Chief Investment Officer Jeff Mortimer offered some interesting thoughts on the current market and keys to a good investment strategy in a Q&A with Washington Post readers today. One key thought from Mortimer, when asked whether his advice takes into account potential unprecedented events or situations: “The most dangerous words in investing are ‘it’s different this time.’ The world has had many issues before, and will again. It is important to… Read More

Schwab CIO: Bounce Will Be Big — Don’t Miss It

Jeff Mortimer, chief investment officer of Charles Schwab’s mutual fund division, tells Fortune that the coming turnaround in the stock market will be a big one, and that investors should be building their positions now. Mortimer says that 47 percent of bull market gains usually come in the first 12 months, before many investors have summoned the courage to dive back into the market. Be aware that he doesn’t think we’re out of the woods… Read More