Heebner: Stocks Still Very Attractive

Top fund manager Ken Heebner says that, while the market is not as cheap as it was last year, he is still finding US stocks quite attractive. Heebner tells WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack that while prices are up, earnings are also up, and inflation is low. He continues to think that the economy has a number of years of growth ahead of it and that a number of companies will continue to produce solid earnings growth.… Read More

Heebner’s Bold Bet On The U.S. Economy

Ken Heebner — whose CGM Focus fund has had its major ups and downs in recent years, but is in the top 1% of its class over the past 10 and 15 years, according to Morningstar — is making a big bet against Treasury bonds. According to Bloomberg, Heebner has used 21% of his $1.44 billion fund to short U.S. Treasuries. “We established a significant short position in U.S. Treasury bonds in anticipation of what… Read More

#1 Fund Manager Profits from Debt

While debt can be a dangerous thing, Fidelity’s Thomas Soviero — who recently supplanted Ken Heebner as the top-performing fund manager of the past decade — says it can also lead to opportunity. “Debt doesn’t have to be a four-letter word,” Soviero, whose Fidelity Advisor Leveraged Company Stock Fund averaged annual returns of 15% for the decade ending Mar. 31,  tells Investment News. “When it works in your favor, good things can happen.” Soviero buys… Read More

Heebner, Doll: U.S. Is Place to Be

Ken Heebner, whose CGM Focus fund has one of the better long-term track records around, and Blackrock’s Bob Doll both are sounding positive on the U.S. market. In an interview with CNBC, Heebner says he “continue[s] to be invested with the expectation that the economy’s going to be growing for several years, and this will be a very attractive point to buy stocks.” He says he thinks the U.S. is the best large market to… Read More

Doll, Heebner on Economy, Market

Blackrock’s Bob Doll and CGM’s Ken Heebner both recently discussed their market outlook with CNBC. Both Doll and Heebner are finding reasons to be optimistic, and both shared a few areas of the market they’re keen on.

Heebner: Euro Debt Woes Won’t Stop U.S. Recovery

Fund manager Ken Heebner says he thinks the U.S. economy will continue to recover, regardless of what happens with Europe’s debt woes. “I think the American economy is not dependent on what happens in Europe,” Heebner tells CNBC. “The uptrend in the American economy, I think, is strong. I think the consumer has shifted decisively in March, and I think consumer spending is going to surprise on the upside meaningfully. … I think we’re going… Read More

Heebner & Gross Square Off On Market, Economy

Top fund manager Ken Heebner says that even after the big stock market rally, we’re still seeing a “historic buying opportunity”. But another investing guru, Bill Gross, is less optimistic. Heebner tells CNBC that he thinks the economy is in the beginning of several years of expansion. Consumers are spending again, and he expects an “earnings explosion” that will make stock valuations look much more attractive. Gross, however, sees slower earnings growth and a world… Read More

Heebner: Wind’s at Investors’ Backs

Kenneth Heebner, whose CGM Focus fund has lagged in 2008 and 2009 but remains far ahead of the market for the long term, says that investors shouldn’t worry about a double-dip recession, and that they have the wind at their backs heading into 2010. “What you have here is a situation where you have low inflation, and an opportunity for the global economy to grow for several years,” Heebner told CNBC. “So if you own… Read More

Heebner, Doll See Opportunities

Ken Heebner, whose CGM Focus fund stumbled last year but remains at the top of its category in terms of 5-year and 10-year returns, tells CNBC that he thinks things are looking up for the economy — and, believe it or not, Ford Motor Co. “I think there’s a bigger turn in the economy coming than people are looking at,” Heebner says, citing manufacturing, inventory, and consumption data. Bob Doll, global chief investment officer of… Read More

Heebner & Muhlenkamp making gutsy moves into financial stocks

Ken Heebner, manager of CGM Focus fund, is warming up to financial stocks according to this WSJ article. Heebner, who has one of the best performing mutual fund records over the last decade, has been loading up on financials. According to his fund’s Sept. 30 portfolio report, the fund held 40% in financials although the current exposure is not as high. He uses two lesser known metrics when analyzing finance companies. One is the “price-to-tangible… Read More