Zweig and Grant on the Pressure to Go Passive

On a recent episode of WealthTrack, Consuelo Mack interviewed financial journalists Jason Zweig and James Grant regarding the lagging performance of value stocks and the pressure to move to passive investing. Here are some highlights: According to Zweig, “The real utility of a value investing framework is that it helps modulate your emotions as a value investor.” Grant argues that the current cycle is likely to end badly due to: (1) the corruption of accounting… Read More

Top Strategist Tells Investors to Focus on Growth

In a recent WealthTrack interview with Consuelo Mack, top-ranked portfolio strategist and co-founder of Cornerstone Macro Francois Trahan shared his insights on market trends and where investors should be focusing their attention. Trahan argued that when leading market indicators start to “top out,” as they are currently, it presents a difficult backdrop for investors–although the environment still “feels great” in terms of GDP growth, employment, etc, investors begin to fear a downturn. He adds that… Read More

Global Growth Accelerating: Reasons and Risks

In a recent WealthTrack interview with Consuelo Mack, Evercore founder and top-ranked economist Ed Hyman and First Eagle’s Matthew McClennan share insights regarding the current level of global economic growth ten years into the post-financial crisis recovery. Hyman, U.S. small business optimism is surging, with Germany, Japan and China experiencing significant and accelerating growth. McClennan says, in large part, this is due to unusually stimulative monetary policy, noting that the ECB is not raising rates… Read More

The Winning Investment Strategy A Top Value Manager Doesn’t Want You To Use

For nearly two decades, top value investor and columnist John Dorfman has been tracking a purely quantitative “robot portfolio” that has beaten the S&P 500 by about 12 percentage points per year. His advice: Don’t use it. In an interview with Wealth Track’s Consuelo Mack, Dorfman talks about why his robot approach isn’t suitable for the vast majority of investors. The strategy takes all stocks with market capitalizations of at least $500 million, eliminates those… Read More