Peter Lynch on Finding Growth Opportunities in Today’s Market

A recent article in Barron’s offers highlights from a conversation with veteran stock picker and former Magellan Fund manager Peter Lynch. Here are some key points: “After 50 years of doing this professionally, it reinforces that growth stocks are better than nongrowth stocks,” Lynch said, explaining that growth stocks are defined as those that exhibit sales growth—not just earnings growth: “A company can go from losing money to a 2% margin, to a 12% margin,… Read More

Roundtable: Gross, Herro, Cohen And Others On What To Expect In 2015

A number of the world’s top investment strategists recently gathered for Barron’s annual roundtable to offer their thoughts on where the economy and markets are heading. David Herro, Abby Joseph Cohen, Bill Gross, and Marc Faber were among those who participated, and overall the mood was subdued. “On the whole, they expect interest rates to stay unnaturally low, and the U.S. to lead the world in economic growth,” writes Barron’s Lauren R. Rublin. “Yet, they… Read More

How to Buy Like Buffett & The Gurus

In a new piece for Barron’s, Mike Hogan details how investors can learn to invest like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and other investing greats through’s guru-based research system. “If you’d like to get in on some of Berkshire [Hathaway]’s future gains but don’t have the $125,000 price of a ticket, you can, at least, learn to invest like Buffett on Validea (,” writes Hogan. “The seven-year-old Website has simplified Buffett’s strategy and tactics to… Read More

Barron’s Roundtable: Gabelli, Zulauf Weigh In

Barron’s has tapped a number of top strategists for its annual start-of-the-year “Roundtable” feature, with gurus such as Bill Gross, Mario Gabelli, and Abby Joseph Cohen offering their takes on where the market and economy are headed in 2010. And, overall, the outlook is positive. “Our crowd thinks the market could gain another 5% to 20% in 2010, fueled by profit growth and continued government spending,” writes Barron’s Lauren R. Rublin, “although the ride will… Read More

Barron’s: Top Strategists Remain Mildly Bullish

In its latest survey of top investment managers, Barron’s found that, on average, most of the managers are expecting the market’s ascent to slow significantly this fall, though they remain bullish on the whole. The 10 strategists on average expect the S&P 500 to end the year around 1,056, which would represent a minor 4% increase from current levels. “They are essentially bullish, even if their price targets are subdued,” Barron’s Kopin Tan writes. “Nearly… Read More

Barron’s Top Advisors

Barron’s has unveiled its annual “Top 100 Financial Advisors” feature, with the new #1 being Gregory Vaughan of Morgan Stanley in Menlo Park, California — and the theme of the article being how these advisors are rethinking their approaches given the recent market meltdown. The top advisors “are giving diversification a thorough rethinking,” Barron’s Suzanne McGee writes. “It’s not as simple as owning a bunch of different investments. For example, there’s ‘tactical diversification,’ or moving… Read More

Barron’s 2009 Roundtable Summary: Experts See Uncertain Times Ahead

This is the first of three Barron’s Roundtable articles featuring some of the best and brightest in the investment industry. In general, these experts see more uncertainty in 2009, but think there are ample opportunities for good stock-picking strategies. Writes Barron’s Lauren R. Rublen, “The [roundtable] was rife with history lessons and warnings — and optimism, too, that those who find bargains amid the rubble will reap rich rewards. Or, as [panelist] Meryl Witmer nicely… Read More