Gundlach: Bond Market Trouble Ahead

DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach believes the recent bond sell-off is a “sign of more pain to come for Treasury bulls,” according to a Bloomberg article from earlier this month. The rise in bond yields, the article says, coupled with a “Federal Reserve seemingly committed to raising interest rates a third time this year and speculation the European Central Bank could announce a tapering of bond purchases by the end of the year ” spells… Read More

European Fund Manager Says Bonds May Rebound

The largest money manager in Europe believes that investors who have driven U.S. stock markets to record highs in anticipation of fiscal stimulus from the Trump administration “may be in for a surprise,” says a recent Bloomberg article. Didier Borowski, head of macroeconomics for Paris-based Amundi SA, argues that even if Trump delivers on his fiscal stimulus promises, results won’t surface before next year. “Following the vote for Trump,” he says, “markets have reacted as… Read More

Bond Market Volatility Likely to Continue in 2016

Short and long-dated Treasuries have nearly identical returns this year, with Barclays indices showing 0.71% returns for 1-3 year Treasuries and 0.68% returns on the 20-year-plus index. Expectations that the Fed will make successive rate hikes may favor long-dated Treasuries, however. Rick Rieder of Blackrock says such successive increases “will benefit the long end (versus) the short end”, so “the long end is the better part of the curve.” He said gradual rate increases will… Read More