Grim Stock Signals Accumulating

An article in Bloomberg discusses what market indicators seem to be saying about the economy, adding that “while few see incontrovertible signs investors are bracing for a recession, it’s a word that’s been coming up more as they seek a signal in the chaos.” The article notes that stocks have been “acting in ways that have presaged slowing growth in the past,” citing the rise in defensive industries and a “sudden craze” for low-volatility stocks.… Read More

Barry Ritholtz on Bulls and Bears

Understanding how old a bull market is may very likely affect your expectations of future returns as well as your investment allocations and risk appetite, writes Bloomberg columnist Barry Ritholtz. With regard to what many are calling an eight-year-old bull market, Ritholtz argues, “Rather than saying that the bull market is celebrating its eighth birthday, what we really are observing is the eighth anniversary of bear-market lows.” The difference is in the details, says the… Read More