CEO Pay and Performance Often Mis-Matched

“The best-paid CEOs don’t necessarily run the best-performing companies,” according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. The article explains that, although corporate boards try to link top management compensation to performance, the two “often don’t match up, and 2017 was no exception.” It cites data (from MyLogIQ LLC and Institutional Shareholder Services) showing that among S&P 500 CEOs who received raises last year, the 10% who got the highest bumps scored “in… Read More

Highest-Paid CEOs Tend to Run Worst-Performing Companies

A study by research firm MSCI shows that “the best-paid CEOs tend to run some of the worst-performing companies and vice versa—even when pay and performance are measured over the course of  many years.” This according to an article in The Wall Street Journal. The study—released in 2016– examined the compensation of 800 CEOs at 429 large and midsize U.S. companies over the ten-year period ending in 2014 as well as the total shareholder return… Read More