Playbook for Investing Amid the Coronavirus

A recent article in Forbes compares the current investing backdrop to that of 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2008. Following are highlights from the article: Current situation versus 9/11: “From a stock market perspective, comparisons to 9/11 are not entirely apples-to-apples,” the article says, but adds that the level of fear and uncertainty “does have parallels with today’s fears of a microorganism about which we know little.” Today’s economy is significantly stronger than it… Read More

Ray Dalio: Loss to US Corporations from Coronavirus to Reach $4 Trillion

Last week, Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio said he predicts US companies will lose $4 trillion because of the coronavirus pandemic. This according to an article in Chief Investment Officer. “What’s happening has not happened in our lifetime before,” Dalio said during an interview with CNBC, adding, “There’s a need for the government to spend more money, a lot more money.” Dalio argued that the impact of the pandemic will be greater than people think, and… Read More