Einhorn Says Fed Should Raise Rates

Hedge fund guru David Einhorn says the Federal Reserve’s near-zero interest rate policy is counterproductive, and says it should raise rates to help the economy. Einhorn tells CNBC that low rates “deprives savers of reasonable incomes”, and cuts down on consumption. He also says it drives food and oil prices upward and decreases standards of living. He thinks the Fed should begin to raise rates to the 2% to 3% range. Einhorn also discusses some… Read More

Einhorn Ups Bullish Bets, But Warns on Inflation

Hedge fund guru David Einhorn says he increased his bullish bets last month, but remains concerned about several issues, including the Federal Reserve’s low-interest rate policy. In a conference call with Greenlight Capital Re investors, Einhorn said that he increased his bullish positions thanks to better-than-expected corporate earnings results, Bloomberg reports. But, he added, “This enthusiasm is tempered by our continued concern about the structural sovereign-debt problems in Europe and Japan, a slowing Chinese economy,… Read More

Einhorn Likes Gold Miners, CBS, GM

Hedge fund guru David Einhorn remains high on gold, and is now making a bullish bet on gold miners as well. “During the quarter we exchanged a portion of our gold position for additional investment in the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF,” states the recently released third-quarter letter from Greenlight Capital, Einhorn’s firm (a tip of the cap to Insider Monkey for posting the letter, which is available in PDF form here). “While the price… Read More

Einhorn Talks Long & Short Strategy

In an interview with The Motley Fool, hedge fund guru David Einhorn recently offered some insight into his investment approach, along with some of his views on the current market. Asked how he comes up with investing ideas, Einhorn said, “Our ideas start with a story. Is the market missing something that we see? Once we find an idea, the due diligence starts. We try to uncover a mispricing, and then we invest. Despite our… Read More

Einhorn Seeing Opportunities in Gold, Stocks; Warns on Interest Rates

Hedge fund guru David Einhorn says he’s net long in the current market, and is continuing to hold a big position in gold. In an interview with CNBC, Einhorn says he’s 30% to 35% net long right now. He talks about some of his equity positions, including Sprint Nextel, a recent purchase for him. In a separate clip, Einhorn talks about why he thinks keeping interest rates low for lengthy periods is a dangerous policy,… Read More

Einhorn on Gold, Apple, and Lessons from the Crisis

Hedge fund guru David Einhorn says gold has the biggest position in his portfolio, due to concerns about the U.S.’s monetary and fiscal policies and questions about the currencies of other big nations. Einhorn tells WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack that in the stock market, he’s finding more good opportunities on the short side than the long side, though his fund still has more invested on the long side than the short side. Apple and Pfizer are… Read More

The Macro Debate

Macroeconomic factors have been a driving force behind stock market moves in the past couple years. But how much should the recent increase in the impact of macro factors on the market affect stock investors’ strategies? Some of the world’s top managers are expressing different opinions, according to a Bloomberg article. Chuck Akre, for example, is holding more cash than he previously had because of the financial crisis. “It’s not clear how our economic and… Read More