David Samra, Top International Stock Picker, Sees Buying Opportunity

Bloomberg reports that David Samra, the Artisan Partners fund manager who won Morningstar’s international stock manager rankings for picks during the 2008 crisis and again in 2013, sees opportunity in the current market turmoil. “We welcome these types of markets,” Samra said. He maintained that market has become “very greedy” in the past few years, which he said created a selling opportunity. Right now, he says, is time to “aggressively buy.” Samra did not specify… Read More

Top Managers Talk Value

In a recent interview with Barron’s, top fund managers Daniel O’Keefe and David Samra discuss the value-focused approach they’ve used to beat the market and most of their peers over the past several years. “They’re looking for firms that trade at steep discounts to underlying value, with strong balance sheets and savvy management,” Barron’s says. “The result: A focused portfolio, with just 44 stocks, recently tilted toward the U.S. … and, to a lesser extent,… Read More