Winters High on Stocks; Keying on Far East

The Wintergreen Fund’s David Winters says the widespread pessimism about stocks is creating big opportunities in the market. Winters, whose fund has about 90% of its assets in stocks, tells Consuelo Mack of WealthTrack that he currently has the highest-quality portfolio he’s ever had. He’s particularly keying overseas on the Far East, and says the financial crisis has exacerbated a major shift of economic power in that direction.

Winters Finding Value Around The Globe

Top value manager David Winters says he sees a bright future for the world, and sees “lots of undervalued securities” right now. He also says a key, overlooked economic indicator — rail car loadings — is giving bullish signals, and discusses some stocks he’s keen on. [youtube=]

Winters Seeing Plenty of “Fat, Slow Pitches”

David Winters, whose Wintergreen fund has a solid market-beating track record, says that he’s seeing a lot of “fat, slow pitches” in the market right now, and that he’s particularly high on Asian stocks. “We’ve been more or less a net buyer recently,” Winters tells Barron’s. “What is just so striking is that you can buy great companies at the most reasonable prices I have ever seen. And most sentiment, especially in the West, is… Read More

Winters: Short-Term Thinking Not the Way to Get Rich

David Winters, whose Wintergreen fund has significantly outpaced the market this year and over the past 1- and 3-year periods, offers his thoughts on the markets and investment strategy in this interview with Bloomberg. Winters says he thinks the world will “re-inflate” as currencies get debased, but he says the problems will ultimately be resolved. With public debt skyrocketing in the wake of the global economic crisis, he is high on businesses that have pricing… Read More

Tilson, Winters, Hartnett Offer Varied Perspectives

In the latest edition of WealthTrack with Consuelo Mack, three top strategists — Whitney Tilson, David Winter, and Michael Hartnett — offer varying takes on the current market. Tilson of T2 Partners says he’s switched from offense to defense recently because he sees valuations weakening and a rough road ahead for the economy; Winter of the Wintergreen Fund says he’s buying — selectively — and is focused overseas; and Hartnett of Bank of America/Merrill Lynch… Read More

The Stars — and Fallen Stars — of 2008

Kiplinger’s Fred Frailey looks this week at how some of the world’s top money managers got hammered by the recent market crash, as well as at how other noted managers lived up to their reputations and avoided the plunge. According to Frailey, some of 2008’s big-name losers have been Legg Mason’s Bill Miller (down 59% as of Oct. 30); Longleaf Partners’ Mason Hawkins (down 47%); Oakmark Select’s Bill Nygren (down 36%); Selected American’s Chris Davis… Read More