Stattman's Seven Lessons

Dennis Stattman, who has been one of the most successful fund managers in the world, recently reached the 25-year mark at BlackRock’s Global Allocation Fund. And in a piece for, BlackRock looked at seven of his tips for success.

Hyman, Stattman On What To Expect In 2013

Two top strategists — ISI Group’s Ed Hyman (who has long been ranked Wall Street’s top analyst) and Blackrock fund manager Dennis Stattman — are sounding somewhat bullish on stocks heading into 2013. Hyman tells WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack that a slowly improving economy, low interest rate environment, and incredibly stimulative global monetary policy landscape are all creating a bullish picture for stocks. He sees risks, including the coming debt ceiling debate, but he thinks stocks… Read More

Stattman Still Likes Equities

Top fund manager Dennis Stattman of Blackrock says that he thinks equities are the best place for investors to be right now. Stattman tells Bloomberg that he would spread his stock allocation over many countries across the globe. He also says he’s leery of bonds. Stattman talks about the looming “fiscal cliff”, and its potential repercussions — as well as the repercussions of today’s ultra-low interest rates. He says he’s being a bit more cautious… Read More

Stattman High on Oil Firms, “Nibbling” at Bank Stocks

Blackrock’s Dennis Stattman, whose Global Allocation Institutional fund has been one of the better performing funds in its class over the past five and ten years, says he’s keying on companies that are based in developed markets but have exposure to the strong growth in emerging markets. Stattman also tells Bloomberg that he takes a longer-term approach to investing and doesn’t try to time the market in the short term. He says he doesn’t think… Read More

How A Top-Performing Fund Manager Is Structuring His Portfolio

Top-performing mutual fund manager Dennis Stattman is high on energy stocks and unloved large-cap high-quality stocks, and says fast-growing markets like China, India, and Brazil also have his attention. Stattman, whose fund has had only three down years since its 1989 inception, tells WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack that relative to other securities, stocks are a good option right now. But, he says, that may be more to do with the unattractiveness of other assets than the attractiveness… Read More

Stattman: Cash, Bonds, Not as Safe as You Think

Blackrock fund manager Dennis Stattman says government bonds aren’t risk-free, and that equities are the best bet for those looking to generate positive total returns going forward. Stattman tells Morningstar that he’s been minimizing direct exposure to government bonds, especially in areas where the credit risk outweighs the potential rewards. “With inflation risks growing stronger, government bonds are looking less attractive,” he says. “Given the low level of government bond yields right now, inflation would… Read More

Two Top Strategists Cautious on Economy, Bullish on Stocks

In the latest edition of Consuelo Mack’s WealthTrack, two top strategists — Blackrock Global Allocation Fund’s Dennis Stattman and ISI Group’s Ed Hyman — offered their takes on the economy and stock market. Both Stattman and Hyman say they have significant concerns about the U.S. economy, but both are bullish on stocks. Stattman, whose fund has a strong long-term track record, says U.S. stocks are “quite reasonably priced”, and says that for the first time… Read More

Yacktman, Stattman Still High on Big Blue Chips

Several top value managers who keyed on large stocks — to their portfolios’ detriment — in 2010 are continuing to focus on big blue chips as we head into 2011. Among them: Donald Yacktman, whose funds have trounced the market over the longer haul but lagged in 2010. “In 40 years I have rarely seen a situation where so many big, profitable international companies are selling at such relatively cheap prices,” Yacktman told Bloomberg. Another… Read More

Top BlackRock Manager Eyes Blue Chips

Dennis Stattman, whose BlackRock Global Allocation Fund has an excellent long-term track record, says big blue chips are offering lots of value. Stattman tells Bloomberg that blue chip companies like  Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft have global franchises, strong cash flows, and solid dividend yields these days. “We can’t find a stock among the 20 or 30 biggest U.S. companies that looks expensive,” Stattman says. He adds that because these big firms have global businesses,… Read More