Goldman Sachs Says Economy May Have Hit Bottom

The chief economist for Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Jan Hatzius, believes that the global economy may have already bottomed out, according to recent article in Bloomberg. In a recent note, Hatzius and colleague Sven Jari Stehn wrote, “some green shoots are emerging that suggest that sequential growth will pick up from here,” adding that Goldman expects: upside on risk assets, albeit probably at lower levels as “markets have become ‘more sanguine on recession;’ “ bond… Read More

Global Synchronicity Evident

A recent article in ETF Trends offers insight on how synchronized economic growth “across the world has been relatively rare in the past half-century, and suggests to us a global economy that is hitting on all cylinders.” This provides a positive outlook, the article argues, “given our view that market sentiment is driven in part by the market’s collective probability of future recessions.” It suggests, however, that while corporate earnings are currently strong, the tendency… Read More

Gross Doubts 2% Growth Rate

Billionaire Bill Gross says that the 10-year Treasury yield moving  above 2.6%  is a more important event than the Dow hitting the 20,000 milestone, according to a recent Investment News article. The manager of the $1.8 billion Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund argues that a rise to above 2.6% would “mark an end to the three-decade bond bull market,” and that “it is the key to interest rate levels and perhaps stock price levels in… Read More