Lynch and O’Shaughnessy Style Energy Picks

In his latest column, Validea CEO John Reese says his Guru Strategies are finding some big bargains among big oil companies, many of which have lagged the market in recent years. “A few factors are likely at play in the underperformance of energy stocks,” writes Reese. “For one, while the U.S. seems to have gotten its economic footing, the global nature of many of the bigger energy companies still makes them quite prone to… Read More

Grantham: Resource Shortages Are Looming — Deal with Them Now

GMO’s Jeremy Grantham continues to warn about global resource shortages, saying in his new quarterly client letter that soil erosion and limited supplies of potash and phosphates “are the real long-term problems we face”. Grantham says we have the means and brain power to live sustainably. “The problem is with us and our focus on short-term growth and profits, which is likely to cause suffering on a vast scale,” he writes. “With foresight and thoughtful… Read More