Ray Dalio Talks to Google About his “Principles”

In a recent talk at Google, Bridgewater Associates CEO Ray Dalio discusses his views on life stages, the evolution of Bridgewater and the “idea meritocracy” upon which the firm is built. Dalio explains that an idea meritocracy is born of partnering meaningful work with meaningful relationships, and that this is accomplished through “radical truthfulness and radical transparency”. His presentation to the Google audience includes various slides and video clips that illustrate his approach. Within Bridgewater,… Read More

Bill Nygren Talks Value Investing at Google

In January, Oakmark Funds’ Bill Nygren gave a talk at Google on various aspects of value investing, the path of his career, and how the tech industry has evolved over time. The hour-long interview takes many twists and turns, beginning with how Nygren first got interested in stocks. As a child, he says, he “liked numbers more than words” and took up baseball because he was fascinated with statistics. In the newspaper, Nygren recalls, the… Read More