This Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Bucked the Trend

A recent article in Forbes profiles Jeffrey Talpins, a 44-year-old hedge fund manager that has “bucked the trend” with his firm Element Capital, returning “about 21% annually net of some expensive fees since its inception in 2005—an incredible track record in any era.” “There are fewer hedge fund managers on The Forbes 400 list of richest American than there used to be,” the article reports, adding that Talpins is appearing on the list for the… Read More

The Eddie Lampert Odyssey

A profile of hedge-fund legend Eddie Lampert in the April issue of Vanity Fair takes an in-depth look at the CEO of Sears Holdings, the evolution of his career and the controversy surrounding what is widely viewed as his doomed merger of Sears and Kmart. The article includes commentary from friends, former colleagues and critics of the 55 year-old-Lampert, including former Sears Canada CEO Mark Cohen (now a Columbia Business School professor). It covers Lampert’s creation… Read More