Dreman on How To Combat High-Frequency Trading

Contrarian investor David Dreman say high-frequency trading is a “dark vulture” hovering over markets. And in his latest Forbes column, he offers a few tips on how individual investors can elude the beast. “In my forthcoming book, Contrarian Investment Strategies: The Psychological Edge … I detail the dangers of HFT firms that accentuate market movements by shorting heavily when the Dow or S&P 500 rapidly drops about 2%, or buying if it suddenly rises the… Read More

Baron: Stocks Cheap, Economy Better Than You Think

Top hedge fund manager Ron Baron says that the recent market turmoil is not signaling another 2008-like crash. In his latest quarterly letter, Baron says that after Lehman Brothers collapsed in the fall of ’08, he and his team spoke with as many business executives as they could to get a read on the situation. “We were startled to hear that significant declines in sales were taking place magnitudes larger than any we had ever… Read More