Richard Bernstein: Income-Chasing a Losing Approach

At a recent press luncheon sponsored by Eaton Vance, Bernstein Advisor CEO Richard Bernstein argued that financial advisors and investors who have “spent the last two years looking for income are big-time losers—they just don’t know it yet.” This according to a recent article in Financial Advisor magazine. Bernstein said that back in 2000, “advisors didn’t want income,” but that after a decade of rock-bottom rates, income has become the primary focus for “yield-starved clients.”… Read More

Zweig: Income Investors Shouldn’t Get Desperate

Investors feverishly searching for yield in today’s market—”with stocks at record highs and the income on bonds not far from record lows”–are showing signs of desperation, according to columnist Jason Zweig of The Wall Street Journal. Zweig argues that as long as markets continue to show decent performance at “little apparent risk, the more investors come to believe that high returns must be a kind of entitlement.” He cites results of a recent survey in… Read More