Siegel Sees More Discount Rate Hikes Before a Fed Funds Rate Increase

Like Bill Gross, Wharton professor and author Jeremy Siegel doesn’t see a hike in the Federal Funds rate as imminent, despite the Federal Reserve’s recent decision to up the Discount Rate. Siegel tells Bloomberg he thinks the Fed will raise the Discount Rate “two more notches up” before it begins to increase the Federal Funds rate. [youtube=]

Siegel on Inflation, Interest Rates

Author and Wharton Professor Jeremy Siegel says he thinks the Federal Reserve will likely raise interest rates “modestly” by this coming spring — earlier than many expect. But, he tells Bloomberg, it will be some time before we see significant inflation. Siegel says that he thinks inflation won’t be much of a threat for a couple years, and that when it does kick in, it won’t come close to the double-digit figures some have predicted.… Read More