David Herro on What Has Changed in International Markets Since the 1980s

Morningstar’s Katie Reichart recently interviewed David Herro, Manager of Oakmark International, to discuss how international investing has changed, or not, since the 1980s. Here are some highlights: Herro said that one of the biggest changes since he started his career in 1986 is “the pace at which information flows around the world.” He describes it as having both positive and negative repercussions: “I think all too often people may react too rapidly without thinking. They… Read More

Jeremy Grantham on the Next Big Investment Drivers

In a recent interview with Wealth Management.com, the founder of management firm GMO shared his insights on how the market has changed and where opportunities are going forward. Between 1935 and 2000, says Grantham, the market was “orderly” and experienced “mean reversion,” but it has since become more complicated. “Since 1998, price-earnings ratios have averaged 60 percent higher than the prior 50 years, and profit margins have averaged 20 to 30 percent higher. That’s a… Read More