Glassman: Worrying About the Next Recession Won’t Help

The tenacity of the current bull market begs the obvious question as to when it will end and, as we approach the election, uncertainly is heightened by recent lackluster GDP reports. In a recent issue of Kiplinger, James Glassman points out that although Americans consider the economy the nation’s “most important problem by far” (according to a Gallup poll), “you may be surprised to learn that the U.S. is currently in the midst of its… Read More

Glassman: Four Tips for Successful Value Investing

James Glassman, author and visiting fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, offers four tips to “buy stocks low” in Kiplinger’s. He prefaces the tips by making the point that given volatile markets, “opportunities abound today, but so do risks.” He notes that “mistakes . . . will happen,” but also that “you will rarely triple or quadruple your investment by purchasing a stock when everyone is lusting for it.” Glassman suggests the following.   “Think… Read More