The Dow Isn’t Best Way to Gauge the Market

Although the stock market has had a strong run in recent years, New York Times columnist Jeff Sommer argues that the level of performance “depends on what you mean by ‘the stock market.’ ” He cites the divergence between the rise in the Dow Jones industrial average, the “oldest and best-known measuring stick for the American stock market” (which has gained more than 18% over the last year), and the S&P 500, the “benchmark for large… Read More

The 800-pound Bull in the Oval Office

If you bought shares of a low-cost stock index fund on the president’s first inauguration day on January 20, 2009, you would now have tripled your money. This according to New York Times columnist Jeff Sommer, who says the Obama years have seen a “splendid market.” Sommer claims, however, that it isn’t talked about much by politicians. “The main reason,” he writes, “may simply be that the current bull market is suspect because it came… Read More