Cooperman, Gabelli, Whitman Talk Value

The latest issue of Columbia Business School’s Graham & Doddsville newsletter features interviews with three top investors, Leon Cooperman, Mario Gabelli, and Marty Whitman. (Tip of the cap to for highlighting the newsletter, which can be downloaded via this link.) In the wide-ranging interviews, Cooperman, Gabelli, and Whitman talk extensively about their own career paths, their broader investment strategies, and their take on the current market. Cooperman, for example, offers his take on why… Read More

Market Fear Has Two Top Managers Feeling Bullish

While many investors have been growing fearful in recent weeks, hedge fund guru Ron Baron says he’s still confident stocks are the place to be, in part because of their ability to withstand inflation. “The stock market is setting up like a springboard right now,” Baron tells Fortune. He notes that the stock market has gained only about 20% in the past dozen years, while the S&P 500’s earnings per share have more than doubled.… Read More

Five Guru-Inspired Bargains for Any Market

In his latest article for, Validea CEO John Reese looks at the range of opinions about the broader stock market’s current valuation. Reese notes that some, like Yale Economist Robert Shiller, say the market is more than 40% overvalued based on the 10-year P/E ratio. Others, like hedge fund guru Leon Cooperman, say stocks are trading well below historical norms based on projected earnings. “So, who’s right?” Reese asks. “Well, they both are, in… Read More

Cooperman Still Optimistic on Stocks

Hedge fund guru Leon Cooperman says he’s still optimistic on the stock market, though his optimism has been tempered a bit recently. Cooperman (whose market commentary starts around the 10 minute mark of the interview) tells CNBC that stocks as a group are attractively valued, particularly given the low-interest-rate environment we’re in, and he says we’re still relatively early in the economic expansion. Cooperman also discusses why he doesn’t like Treasury bonds, and why he… Read More

Hedge Fund Guru: Stocks Best Choice in the Investment Neighborhood

Top hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman says he’s optimistic about the economy, and says a “tremendous number” of cheap stocks exist right now. Cooperman tells CNBC that his economic optimism is based on three assumptions: that the U.S. isn’t going to become “another Japan”; that the European Central Bank will help financial institutions there the same way the Federal Reserve did in the U.S.; and that President Obama will move to the center. “We’re moving… Read More

Hedge Fund Star: Expansion & Bull Market Still in Early Phases

Leon Cooperman, whose hedge fund has averaged 16% annualized returns over its 18 years of existence — 6 points per year more than the S&P 500 — thinks we’re still early in the bull market. In a recent interview with Fortune, Cooperman says he isn’t “wildly bullish”, but thinks the S&P can return 10% to 12% for 2010. “There’s unanimous agreement that the recession ended in June, July, August of 2009, ” he said. “If… Read More