Faber Sees Big Correction, Then Deflation Troubles

Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report thinks U.S. stocks are heading for a correction — a big one. Faber tells CNBC that he sees a few big reasons why U.S. markets are in for a pullback. For one, he thinks investors are more likely to put excess liquidity into emerging markets, which are down sharply from their highs, as opposed to the US, where stocks are near all-time highs. “We’re up almost 70 percent… Read More

Faber: Big Buying Opportunity In Gold

While gold has tumbled in the past couple days, Marc Faber of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report says he thinks “the bull market in gold is not completed,” and that a major low will occur for gold in the next couple weeks. Faber tells Bloomberg that he thinks gold fundamentals are still intact, and that the recent breakdown “will offer an excellent buying opportunity”. He says traders would be wise to buy gold now because… Read More

Faber: Market Entering “High-Risk Territory”

Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, says the market is getting into “high-risk territory”. Faber tells Yahoo! Finance’s Breakout that as we head into the fourth year of an economic and stock market recovery, “stocks are simply not that cheap”. He says there’s an “element of speculation” in the market. Despite the article headline, Faber doesn’t seem to be calling a market crash. “All I’m saying is we are getting into a… Read More

Gloomy Faber Gets Bullish on China, Europe

The often gloomy Marc Faber of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report is bullish on European and Chinese stocks, and says that with an era of volatility on the way, stock-picking strategies could be a good way to beat the market. “I think China stocks are quite a good buy,” Faber said at a recent meeting of hedge fund managers, according to MarketWatch, though he added that he would avoid shipbuilding and steel stocks. He… Read More

Unlikely Duo Both Like Stocks Over Bonds

Two very different strategists — the bullish Wharton professor and author Jeremy Siegel and the often-bearish Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report — both prefer stocks over bonds right now.   “Everything looks bad at the present time and people are relatively bearish,” Faber tells CNBC. “At the same time, you have the 10-year note at less than 1.5 percent and you have stocks like Johnson & Johnson yielding almost 4 percent. I’m not saying… Read More

Faber: Don’t Expect Too Much From Rally

  Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report says equities may rally in the short term, but he doesn’t think it will be a long-lasting bullish move. “The rally came from a very oversold level,” Faber tells FOX Business Network. “We have a very strong support on the S&P between 1100-1150. And usually the December month is a strong month as well as January so we have seasonal strength and oversold conditions and we… Read More

Faber: Stay Diversified

Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report thinks it will be very hard for stocks to eclipse their 2011 highs anytime soon, but he says he still would favor stocks over Treasury bonds. Overall, Faber says in an interview with Bloomberg, investors who have a long-term time horizon should stay diversified, owning some bonds, some cash, some gold, some equities, and some real estate. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMSW_VxvwhU]  

Faber Sees “Lifetime Buying Opportunity” in Japan

Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report says the declines in the Japanese market have created a “lifetime buying opportunity”. Faber tells Yahoo! Finance’s “Breakout” that that doesn’t mean the market will turn upward right away; it could lose another 10% to 15%, but when the declines stop it should be ready for big gains in the 100%-200% range over several years. Faber also talks a bit about broader investing mindset, saying that… Read More

Faber Likes Japanese Stocks

Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report says he’s high on Japanese stocks, which have been in a bear market for the past 20 years. “If I had to make a bet for the next ten years in terms of equity markets, I would seriously consider a very strong weighting here in Japan,” Faber said at a conference in Tokyo, according to Bloomberg.com. “Once the debt market starts to go down, the yen… Read More

Roundtable: Gabelli, Gross, Faber, and Others Weigh In

Barron’s recently published the first part of its annual roundtable, with ten strategists — including Bill Gross, Mario Gabelli, Abby Joseph Cohen, and Marc Faber — offering their takes on what to expect in 2011. Overall, the strategists offered a bifurcated view, with most seeing good times for the economy and stock market in the short term, but big problems lingering on the horizon. Gabelli, for one, says he sees strong earnings ahead for the… Read More