Black Rock Money Manager on the Retirement Crisis and Climate Change

In a recent Barron’s, Mark Wiseman, head of BlackRock’s equities group, made a strong case for long-term investing and offered solutions to short-termism and the retirement crisis in the U.S. Here are some highlights from the interview: Active investing is “far from” dead, Wiseman argued: “I don’t think passive investing exists. The decision to buy an index, and which index, is an active decision.” Instead, he explains, it’s about your investment approach. “You can have… Read More

Mistakes from the Top Down

A couple of the investment world’s heavy-hitters have something to say about making mistakes. A fact of life which, according to a brief interview in Chief Investment Officer, is a “quality that unites the best-of-the-institutional-investing-best.” Ray Dalio, Co-CIO and Founder of Bridgewater Associates says “I’m a professional mistake-maker—one third of my trades are probably wrong.” Dalio say that humility comes from mess-ups and his philosophy is to find “the smartest people I know who disagree… Read More