Meredith Whitney, The Bull?

While she’s known for her bearish calls, including her prescient prediction of the banking crisis that hit the U.S. in 2008, analyst Meredith Whitney says she’s seeing “incredible opportunities” for investors right now. “Fundamentals are not playing into valuations now at all,” Whitney says, according to CNBC. “You’ve got great companies that are trading horribly, you’ve got pretty junky companies that are way overvalued. For the first time in three and a half years, I… Read More

Bogle Talks Stocks, Munis, and The Fed

In a wide-ranging recent interview with Fox Business News, Vanguard founder John Bogle says it’s reasonable to expect stocks to return about 7% to 8% per year in this decade, and stresses that investors should avoid the temptation to speculate in the stock market. “Reasonable expectations are that we will have returns of 7-8% in this decade in equities, and that bonds will yield 3-4% in the same time period,” Bogle says. “The odds are… Read More

Whitney Sounding Not-So-Gloomy

Meredith Whitney — the banking analyst who was one of the few to warn of the financial crisis ahead of time, and who has maintained a pretty gloomy outlook since the crisis — is now seeing some positive signs in the economy. Whitney tells Maria Bartiromo in an interview for USAToday that she thinks defaults from overstretched municipalities are likely, but that conditions are improving. “Every day things get better because politicians are addressing the… Read More

Sonders vs. Whitney on Market’s Current Valuation

Banking analyst Meredith Whitney rattled the markets yesterday when she told CNBC that the U.S. is likely to fall back into recession next year, and said stocks are overvalued. “I haven’t been this bearish in a year,” said Whitney. “I look at the board and every single stock from Tiffany to Bank of America to Caterpillar is up. But there is no fundamental rooting as to why these names are up — particularly in the… Read More

Whitney, Krugman: Government Needs to Do More

While the economy has been showing signs of life in recent months and the stock market is now more than 50% off its March low, two top economic minds are saying that we’re far from out of the woods. In an Op-Ed piece for The Wall Street Journal today, Meredith Whitney — the banking analyst who warned about the credit crisis — offers a new warning: “Anyone counting on a meaningful economic recovery will be… Read More

They Saw The Trouble Coming — And Some See More Ahead

Kiplinger’s takes a look this week at nine people who “called it right” in predicting the credit crisis and market collapse, and asks what they see coming for the year ahead. Some — like Jeremy Grantham, Robert Rodriguez, and Nouriel Roubini — are people whose opinions we’ve detailed in past posts, but here’s a look at the predictions (most of which have to do with the economy, not the stock market) for some of the… Read More