The Market Valuation Snapshot

In our Hotlist newsletter from last month we took a look at the market’s stretched valuations based on several indicators, and offered insight regarding how actions by the current administration may or may not substantiate them. The market P/E from the beginning of the year, based on trailing 12-month earnings (as of January 9th ,) was 25. We tracked other metrics as follows: Shiller P/E: 28.2, up from 25.7 as of the last update in… Read More

Don’t Be a Bottom-Hunter

The big question in the market these days seems to be, “Have we hit a bottom?” After enduring a bear market that has lasted nearly 18 months and cut the value of the S&P 500 in half, it’s certainly a reasonable question. But in the latest issue of my Validea Hot List newsletter, I explain that now is no time to be sitting on the sidelines trying to wait for a clear, precise bottom. In… Read More

Tobin’s Q Ratio: “Modestly” Bullish Sign

In the latest issue of Equities and Tobin’s Q, John Mihaljevic (CFA and managing editor of The Manual of Ideas blog) explains that the “Q” ratio made famous by Nobel Laureate James Tobin indicates that stocks are undervalued right now — but says that there could still be further declines before a turnaround. (A special thanks to the Manual of Ideas for highlighting this data.) The Q Ratio divides the total market value of stocks… Read More