Mobius: Russia “Too Cheap To Ignore”

While Russian stocks struggled mightily last year, Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says they are the most attractive of the “BRIC” nation equities in 2012. Mobius tells Investment Week that the Russian market “is still extremely cheap … trading at an average P/E ratio of below 10, which is too cheap to ignore,” and says he “will be adding to the position over the course of the year.” “Out of all the BRIC nations,” Mobius… Read More

Fisher, Others See Big Value in Russia

Kenneth Fisher and two other major money managers are making aggressive stock plays in Russia, where turmoil and problems persist but valuations are at the lowest levels of the 50 major markets, Bloomberg reports. “Russia in some ways today is just a levered play on the world,” said Fisher, who thinks we are in the early part of a global rally. “Early in a bull market, Russia is going to run more.” A big reason… Read More