Hedge Fund Manager Steve Cohen Predicts Next Bear Market

During a talk last month in Manhattan, billionaire Steve Cohen said a bear market is coming within the next eighteen months to two years, according to an article in Fortune. “I don’t think the returns over the next two years are going to be very good,” said Cohen, who in 2013 pleaded guilty to securities fraud and returned to the hedge fund business earlier this year upon the expiry of a government ban on managing… Read More

Cohen’s Comeback Revisited

In a follow-up to an article it published a few days earlier, Bloomberg recently reported that hedge fund manager Steven Cohen “is preparing to raise as much as $10 billion from outside investors in 2018 for a new fund.” The move, the article says, would represent an “extraordinary turnaround” for Cohen, particularly given that his former firm, SAC, got bad press four years ago on its guilty plea to insider trading for which it paid… Read More

Cohen Preparing for a Comeback

Billionaire Steve Cohen, the former head of the firm SAC Capital Advisors—which pleaded guilty to securities fraud in 2013 and agreed to pay a record $1.8 billion fine—is considering starting a new hedge fund, according to a recent Bloomberg article. While Cohen wasn’t charged with wrongdoing in the case, he was barred from managing outside capital until January 1, 2018 and was required to convert his shop to a family office. According to the article,… Read More