Wien, Biggs, Leuthold, Sonders: Don’t Dismiss the Rally

While the stock market rebound has been met with great skepticism, several top strategists — including some not known for their bullishness — are beginning to think that the rally is indeed for real, reports Financial Advisor Magazine’s Evan Simonoff. “Normally sober, often vinegary sages ranging from Byron Wien to Barton Biggs to Steve Leuthold to Michael Price think that a market which stubbornly refuses to correct its deviant behavior by more than a few… Read More

Short-Term Opportunities, Long-Term Questions

After the huge rally in stocks over the past six months, the big question for investors is, can it continue? Fortune recently posed that question to several successful strategists, and got some encouraging answers — at least regarding the short term. After that, the waters may get choppy. “Despite some big worries about 2010, most expect the combination of market momentum and government stimulus spending to carry stocks higher for the rest of this year,”… Read More

After Successful Short Plays in ’08, Leuthold Now Bullish on U.S. Stocks

Another top strategist who made a bundle by shorting stocks in 2008 is now predicting big gains for U.S. equities in the near future. Steve Leuthold, manager of the Grizzly Short Fund, told Bloomberg recently that he thinks the S&P 500 will reach 1,100 by year-end. “This market was about as cheap as I’ve seen in my 45 years in this business,” said Leuthold, whose fund gained 74% last year as the markets tanked. “We’re… Read More