An Energetic Defense of Stock Screening

A recent article in Forbes levels a lengthy rebuttal against what the author describes as an “attack” on  stock picking as a viable investment strategy. Contributor Marc Gerstein wrote in response to a January Forbes article that he said “blasted” stock screening strategies, suggesting that their use as a way to build wealth is “delusional” and investors should instead put the bulk of their money into index funds. Gerstein cites a passage from his book… Read More

Little-Known Guru’s Strategy Nets Big Gains Through Downturn

The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) recently published its 2008 stock screening review ($$). For those that may not know, AAII has been tracking the performance of its screens since 1998. Through December 5th, the median performance for all of the AAII strategies was -41.7%. But, there was one strategy that was positive. And not only was it positive, but, amazingly, it was up 32.6% for the year through the start of December. I… Read More