The Best-Performing Hedge Fund in the World is up 278% This Year

Singapore-based Vanda Global Fund Ltd., up 278% through July, has delivered an average annualized return of 40% since inception and is the best-performing hedge fund in the world according to a recent article in Bloomberg (data from Eurekahedge Pte). But when the fund was launched three years ago with $24 million from friends and family, founder Chong Chin Eai “considered using his own savings to cover investors’ losses and shut up shop” as he “watched… Read More

Winner’s Circle of Stock-Fund Managers

A recent article in The Wall Street Journalreports that the publication’s quarterly survey of actively managed U.S.-stock funds shows that “boring can be beautiful. In fact, in the midst of volatile markets, being downright dull can prove the recipe for investment.” The common denominator in the WSJ list of Winner’s Circle finalists, it says, is the “underweighting or ignoring” of the household name holdings (i.e. Apple, Google and Facebook) in favor of “lesser-known businesses able… Read More

10 Characteristics of Top-Performing Investment Teams

A recent article in CFA Institute outlines the findings of a research project by Focus Consulting Group intended to identify the common attributes of high-performing investment teams. The study—which consisted of surveying 96 individuals from 10 top investment teams (rated based on ten-year performance records) –found the following ten common attributes: Disciplined process: The top teams have buy/size/sell process disciplines as well as “clarity and acceptance of decision rights: Everyone knows who makes the final… Read More

Landing a Hole-In-One with Buffett

It’s not unreasonable to assume that many a golfer discusses the stock market while rolling over the back nine. But for fund manager Jamie Wilhelm, golf and investing represent his life’s passions. In a recent Barron’s article, he discusses how investment guru Warren Buffett has influenced his market approach. Years of competitive golf taught Wilhelm how to make decisions under pressure and manage his emotions, essential skills in the investment world. Like Buffett, Wilhelm and… Read More