Don’t Get Spooked By Value Stocks

Value stocks may have underperformed growth stocks for several years now, but Validea CEO John Reese says investors would be wise not to pronounce value investing dead anytime soon. “Given that it’s Halloween season, it seems appropriate that value stocks are starting to stage a comeback in the United States,” Reese writes in his latest column for Canada’s Globe and Mail. “Much like the villain in a scary slasher flick, value stocks have been beaten,… Read More

Guru Strategy Stocks Putting Cash To Work

While many companies, fearful of the economy or not wanting to pay repatriation taxes on foreign profits, have been hoarding cash in recent years, Validea CEO John Reese says that others have been putting their cash to use for shareholders. “The fact that they’re not seeing enough of their companies’ green has many investors seeing red, including Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn,” Reese writes in his latest article. “The hedge fund guru is suing Apple… Read More