Buffett Isn’t Seeing Green Shoots — But Says They’ll Come

Despite all the talk of “green shoots”, Warren Buffett says that he’s seen no bounce in the economy. He tells CNBC that, while the government has done a good job getting us through the financial crisis, it will take time for the economy to get rolling again. Buffett also gives his take on the need for and challenges involved in new financial regulation, and whether Ben Bernanke deserves to be reappointed as Federal Reserve chairman.… Read More

Buffett, Berkshire on Bond Binge

Back in October, Warren Buffett told the world that he was buying American equities in his personal (non-Berkshire Hathaway) account, which previously had been filled with only U.S. government bonds. But for Berkshire, on the other hand, it seems Buffett’s been focused elsewhere: municipal bonds. According to Bloomberg News, Berkshire has doubled its stake in municipal bonds over a recent nine-month period, upping the amount of local government debt it owned to just over  $4… Read More

“Snowball” Author: Buffett’s Optimistic — But Not That Optimistic

Warren Buffett has made a number of headlines in recent months for his optimistic take on the U.S. stock market and economy. But Alice Schroeder, author of The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life and a senior adviser to Morgan Stanley, says that while Buffett is indeed bullish, he’s not as bullish as those headlines may seem. “I believe Buffett’s optimism about the country is genuine,” Schroeder writes today on Bloomberg.com. “It’s a… Read More

How You Can Be Like Buffett

In every other issue of my investment newsletter, The Validea Hot List, I look in detail at one of the computerized guru models I run on Validea.com. In this week’s issue, I outlined my Patient Investor strategy, inspired by the approach that Warren Buffett has used to become one of history’s greatest investors. Below you will find an excerpt from the newsletter along with a handful of top-scoring stock ideas based on the Buffett investment… Read More

Buffett Talks Recovery, Bonds, and Banks

A myriad of Warren Buffett-related headlines have been coming out of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting, ranging from Buffett’s thoughts on the economy to Berkshire’s succession plans to just what Buffett’s mood is these days. Among the more relevant stories is Buffett’s latest take on the economy, which he tells CNBC is “slow, very slow, and at the moment, still getting slower.” Buffett says we’ll see more unemployment in the short term and inflation in the… Read More

Kass Turns Bullish on Berkshire

On the same day that Moody’s announced its credit rating downgrade of Berkshire Hathaway, Doug Kass — who’s made some hay by being short on Berkshire shares for the past year — writes on TheStreet.com that he’s now bullish on Warren Buffett’s firm. “When conditions change, as they appear to be doing now … opinions must change, and opportunities must be embraced,” writes Kass. “This is especially true in the case of Berkshire Hathaway as… Read More

Buffett, Berkshire Focusing on U.S.

Warren Buffett tells Bloomberg that the odds are his Berkshire Hathaway — still on a buying binge — is more likely to make its next acquisitions in the U.S. rather than abroad. “The statement is a reversal for Buffett, who spent four days at press conferences and meetings in Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Italy last May to drum up potential buyouts when U.S. opportunities were scarce,” notes Bloomberg. “With rival bidders cut off from funds… Read More

Buffett Bonanza: Government vs. Fear, Bank Prognosis, and Why You Should Still ‘Buy American’

Warren Buffett spent three hours on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning discussing the economy and stock market from all angles. Buffett says the economy will turn around, but that it won’t happen quickly — and he says government actions will be crucial in how quickly it gets back on track. “I’ve never seen the consumer, or the Americans just generally, more fearful than this,” Buffett said. “And they’re also confused. And you can get fearful… Read More

Even Buffett Makes Mistakes — and You Can Learn from Them

In his latest Wall Street Journal column, James B. Stewart examines some of the mistakes Warren Buffett acknowledged making in Berkshire Hathaway’s 2009 letter to shareholders, and explains what average investors can learn from “The Oracle of Omaha’s” mistakes. Most interesting is Stewart’s discussion of Buffett’s decision to buy $7 billion in ConocoPhillips shares last summer, around the time that oil was hitting its peak. Since then, Conoco shares — and those of most oil… Read More

Buffett, the Long-Term Optimist: “America’s Best Days Lie Ahead”

Berkshire Hathaway published its long awaited annual report on Saturday. Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire, penned the first 20 pages or so. For those who haven’t read the letter yet, we encourage you to take a look as it provides Buffett’s thoughts on a host of issues, including the performance of Berkshire, the mistakes Buffett made last year, his outlook for the economy and other things. Link: Berkshire’s 2008 Annual Report & Letter