12 Great Charts from a Top Economic Strategist

Top strategist Nancy Lazar and her team at Cornerstone Macro recently picked their “12 Favorite U.S. Charts” for their institutional clients, all of which portrayed positives for the U.S.

Among the charts (h/t WealthTrack): The S&P 500 price divided by gold price. “The Commodity Super Cycle, roughly 2000-2013, was driven by an EM inflation cycle,” Cornerstone says. “Now, many EM central banks are having to unwind ingrained inflation and other excesses. We believe that unwind is the main reason for the current weakness in commodity prices, particularly gold and oil.” The group compares the situation to the U.S. inflation cycle that occurred from the mid-1960s through the late 1970s. That corresponded with a “Commodity Super Cycle”, it says. “As the U.S. inflation cycle ended, commodity prices weakened, and the S&P outperformed gold for 20 years. Now, with the end of the EM inflation cycle, and in turn, the Commodity Super Cycle, the S&P may continue to outperform gold, and other commodities.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 12.24.56 PMSource: Cornerstone Macro (via WealthTrack)

Click here for a PDF of all 12 charts.