Apple Still Shines After Jobs

In his latest article for Real Money, Validea CEO John Reese says that Apple’s stock still offers a lot of value, even after the passing of Steve Jobs.

“The death of Steve Jobs brings to the fore his brilliance, his accomplishments and the vital, often beautiful, role that technology has come to play in the lives of so many, all thanks to him,” writes Reese. “Apple, the company he co-founded and then transformed, is among the most admired on Earth, a result of his vision, leadership and creativity. … Now, the moment no one wanted to face is here: Apple must go forward without Steve Jobs. I do not claim to be a seer, but indications are strong that Apple will continue to be a star performer for at least the short- to medium-term, and very possibly a lot longer.”

Reese says Apple gets high marks from the Guru Strategy he bases on the writings of Martin Zweig, thanks to its stellar fundamentals. “Apple is not just performing well, it is performing to a standard few companies have ever matched,” he says. “The sad and premature passing of Steve Jobs will not change Apple’s direction or speed. As has been true for many years, this looks like a good time to buy Apple stock.”