Apple vs. Microsoft, By the Numbers

Investors who missed out on buying Microsoft or Apple stock back when the tech powerhouses were just starting out missed out on huge profits. But in the latest issue of Forbes Magazine, Validea CEO John Reese looks at a more important issue: How do the two stocks stack up now.

Reese examines both stocks using his Guru Strategy computer models, and finds that both are still worth a long look. “While you shouldn’t expect these popular stocks to make the 100- or 200-fold increases they’ve made in the past 25 years, Apple and Microsoft are still good bets today — albeit for very different reasons,” he says. “In fact, the two tech powerhouses offer an intriguing study in both growth and value investing.”

Reese explains why his Martin Zweig-based growth strategy is currently quite high on Apple’s shares, and why his value-oriented Warren Buffett-based model likes Microsoft. To see the details of why those strategies are high on these stocks, click here to read the full article.