Buffett and Cooperman Agree Luck is Key to Investing Success

“Whatever success I’ve achieved, I think I’ve achieved it because I’ve been very lucky,” said founder and CEO of Omega Advisors Leon Cooperman in an October interview on CNBC.

Cooperman echoes sentiment of Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, who has often said he was born with advantages that helped him along the way—which he refers to as winning the “ovarian lottery.”. In 2013, Buffett said, “The womb from which you emerge determines your fate to an enormous degree for most of the seven billion people in the world.” Buffett has often noted that, despite the fact that his two sisters shared his level of intelligence, they didn’t share the same opportunities. “If I had been female,” he said, “my life would have been entirely different.”

The article notes that, by recognizing this, both billionaires may have bolstered their own advantageous positions: “Studies show that grateful people are more likely to be happy and successful,” it adds. The article concludes with a quote from “Shark Tank” personality Robert Herjavec, who says that being thankful for where you are in life is key to career success, adding, “you feel good—about yourself, about your life, about all you have achieved and all the things you plan to achieve.”