Buffett, Lynch, Graham and Others. 10 Quant Strategies Outlined in New Book.

I am excited to announce the publication of my new investment book, The Guru Investor: How to Beat the Market Using History’s Best Investment Strategies. The book details the approaches used by some of history’s most successful investors such as Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett, and shows you how you can implement their approaches in your investment portfolio.

What I have come to realize in nearly 15 years of research into these gurus is that each one has a disciplined investment approach and they follow those methods and principles with rigor and consistency through both good and bad markets. Whether it’s David Dreman’s go-against the crowd contrarian philosophy, John Neff’s love for low P/E stocks or Joel Greenblatt’s simple earnings yield / return on capital formula — each of these great investors has left blueprints that individuals can learn from. It’s in times like these that stock market investors need to pay particular attention to selecting fundamentally sound companies. I think The Guru Investor helps to accomplish this by allowing you to follow proven strategies that have worked over long periods of time.

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Below I’ve outlined the book’s chapters. There are ten chapters dedicated to the gurus, their strategies, their background, and the performance of the systematic models I run based off of each approach. The beginning of the book discusses the barriers that investors face, while the last part (Part Five) discusses the investment framework I’ve built on top of these quantitative approaches.

Part One: Why You Need this Book
Chapter 1: Learn from the Worst
Chapter 2: The Cavalry Arrives

Part Two: The Value Legends
Chapter 3: Benjamin Graham: The Granddaddy of the Gurus
Chapter 4: John Neff: The Investor’s Investor
Chapter 5: David Dreman: The Great Contrarian
Chapter 6: Warren Buffett: The Greatest Guru

Part Three: The Growth Legends (With a Value Twist)
Chapter 7: Peter Lynch: The Star “GARP” Manager
Chapter 8: Kenneth L. Fisher: The Price-Sales Pioneer
Chapter 9: Martin Zweig: The Conservative Growth Investor

Part Four: The Pure Quants
Chapter 10: James O’Shaughnessy : The Quintessential Quant
Chapter 11: Joel Greenblatt: The Man with the Magic Formula
Chapter 12: Joseph Piotroski: The Undiscovered Academic

Part Five: From Theory to Practice
Chapter 13: Putting It Together: The Principles of Guru Investing
Chapter 14: The Missing Piece: Determining When to Sell

Conclusion: Time To Take The Wheel

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