Excess Returns, Ep. 15: Some Thoughts on Market Panics

The argument that investors should stay the course during market declines is an easy one to make. It also in most cases is the correct one, since figuring out when to get out of the market, and when to get back in, is very difficult for most investors to do. Despite the strength of the stay the course argument, those of us who make it can sometimes fail to deliver it with the proper recognition of the pain that most investors feel during market declines. In this episode, we talk about some important lessons to keep in mind during market panics and some strategies investors can use to manage them.

We discuss:

  • Why staying the course during market declines can seem much easier in theory than it is in practice
  • Why small changes can be much better than big ones.
  • Why successfully predicting a market decline can potentially cause more harm than good

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