Miller High on Healthcare, Tech, Financials

Bill Miller, whose Legg Mason Capital Management Value Trust is continuing its strong rebound this year, says the new healthcare legislation will mean good times ahead for attractively priced stocks in the sector.

“The political benefits of the healthcare reform will come first, and the more painful aspects such as higher taxes will come later,” Miller said this week, according to Reuters, “so cheaper healthcare stocks will do better in the next few months.”

Miller is also high on technology stocks, including IBM and Microsoft, and big U.S. financials like Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo.

While he says he wouldn’t be surprised to see a minor 3% to 5% dip in U.S. stocks in the short term given the market’s strong recent run, Miller says that the “U.S. markets are attractively priced both in the long term and short term.” And he says the sovereign debt problems in Europe won’t stop the rally in equity markets in 2010, Reuters reports.

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