Our Five Most Popular Podcasts of 2021

Our Five Most Popular Podcasts of 2021

By Jack Forehand, CFA, CFP® (@practicalquant) —

Our goal when we started the Excess Returns podcast was to hopefully use the platform to help educate investors, and to learn ourselves in the process. Initially we didn’t have outside guests on the podcast, but it quickly became evident that bringing in voices other than our own would significantly help us in achieving our goal. Starting with our first interview in 2020 with Tobias Carlisle through our most recent one with Dave Wright from Sierra Investment Management, we have tried to put together the best group of guests we could with the goal of learning what has made them successful investors and how all of us can benefit from their experience.

As we head into year end, we wanted to share the episodes that resonated most with our audience.  

Here are our five most popular episodes of 2021 ranked using a combination of downloads of the audio version and views on YouTube within the first 60 days of their release.

Rob Arnott, Founder of Research Affiliates, on Inflation, Bubbles and the Future of Value Investing

In our most popular episode of the year, we talked to Rob about a wide range of topics, including what to make of the current economic environment, why value stocks are cheap and whether bubbles can be identified in advance.

Michael Mauboussin on Valuation, Base Rates and Expectations Investing

This episode just came out last week, but it is already on pace to be one of our most popular ever. Michael Mauboussin is one of the best long-term thinkers in the investing world and we took advantage of his knowledge to cover as many topics as we could.

Dispelling Myths in the Value vs. Growth Debate with GMO’s Ben Inker

The recent return to prominence for growth stocks has many investors questioning the long-term future of value again. But much of the information out there isn’t supported by the facts. Ben Inker helped us separate the myths from reality.

Everything You Need to Know About Inflation with Cullen Roche

Investors are worried about inflation. And that worry is rational given that we haven’t seen inflation as high as it is right now for decades. But that worry has also led to a lot of misinformation about what causes inflation and how bad the situation is likely to get. We brought in our favorite macro expert Cullen Roche to help us understand the facts.

Revisiting All Things Value with Tobias Carlisle of the Acquirer’s Funds

In this interview, we came full circle and brought our first podcast guest back again to take another look at the current state of value investing, and what it means for long-term investors.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to listen to any of our episodes this year and to the guests who took at time to talk to us. We look forward to doing it all again in 2022.  

Jack Forehand is Co-Founder and President at Validea Capital. He is also a partner at Validea.com and co-authored “The Guru Investor: How to Beat the Market Using History’s Best Investment Strategies”. Jack holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation from the CFA Institute. Follow him on Twitter at @practicalquant.