PNL for a Purpose: Livestreaming to Help Fight Cancer

PNL for a Purpose: Livestreaming to Help Fight Cancer

On  April 30th, Validea’s Jack Forehand and Justin Carbonneau will co-host an all day livestream on YouTube along with Matt Zeigler and SpotGamma’s Brent Kochuba to raise money to help fight cancer.

The livestream will run from 8AM to 8PM ET and will feature 24 half hour interviews with some amazing guests covering topics ranging from value investing to factor investing to macro and options.

All proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen.

To attend the livestream, click the link below and click notify me on the video page. You can also access the livestream on the day of the event using this link.

Access Livestream

Full Schedule and Guest List

8:00 am: Andy Constan – The Islands of Macro

8:30 am: Mike Taylor – Investing in Healthcare for the Cure

9:00 am: Cem Karsan – Options and Macro Breadcrumbs

9:30 am: Katie Stockton – Analyzing Market Technicals

10:00 am: Mike Green – Evaluating the Macro Landscape

10:30 am: Corey Hoffstein – Stacking Returns

11:00 am: Jerry Parker – Trend Following with an Original Turtle Trader

12:00 pm: Que Nguyen – Building Active Equity Strategies

12:30 pm: Darius Dale – A Systematic Approach to Macro

1:30 pm: Citrini – Thematic Cross-Asset Investing

2:30 pm: Wes Gray – A Value and Momentum Re-Awakening

3:00 pm: Ben Hunt – Investing in a Narrative Driven Market

3:30 pm: Perth Tolle – Investing in Freedom

4:00 pm: Jim O’Shaughnessy – From Factor Investing to Venture Capital

4:30 pm: Tobias Carlisle – The Future of Value Investing

5:00 pm: Bob Elliott – Replicating Hedge Fund Strategies

5:30 pm: Mandy Xu – An Inside Look at Options and Volatility

6:00 pm: Cullen Roche – A Pragmatic Look at Macro

6:30 pm: Joseph Wang – An Inside Look at Fed Policy

7:30 pm: Doug Clinton – The Latest Innovations in Technology