Rogers: Ride the Fed Wave -- For Now

Commodities guru Jim Rogers says that the Federal Reserve’s loose money policies will end in disaster, but that for now investors shouldn’t fight the Fed. “While madness is going on, you might as well play the madness,” Rogers tells FOX Business Network. “But be aware it’s madness. Be aware that you better get out before everybody else. because when it stops and this artificial sea of liquidity dries up, boy … it’s going to be not very much fun.” Rogers also talks about some big changes going on in China. “Just last week they decided we’re going to completely open up the economy, we’re going to change 6 or 7 sectors,” he said. “If you can invest in those sectors — forget the Federal Reserve — those sectors of the Chinese economy are going to boom for decades. The single most important thing they said was from now on the government is not going to make the decisions, the market is going to make the decisions.” Rogers didn’t say which sectors he was referring to, but did offer general ways to play the Chinese market.

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