Schwab CIO: Bounce Will Be Big -- Don't Miss It

Jeff Mortimer, chief investment officer of Charles Schwab’s mutual fund division, tells Fortune that the coming turnaround in the stock market will be a big one, and that investors should be building their positions now. Mortimer says that 47 percent of bull market gains usually come in the first 12 months, before many investors have summoned the courage to dive back into the market. Be aware that he doesn’t think we’re out of the woods yet — his estimate is that the “rough sledding” could continue for three to nine months — but his point is that the market will rebound before we’re feeling great about the economy. “Equity markets will have moved significantly higher before we read that the recession is over in the papers,” he told Fortune, which also digs through Schwab’s Equity Ratings system to find some of its top stock picks right now.